Industrial Automation Simulation Applications

Machine Tending

machine tending,industry 4.0

Automate your CNC machine tending with different kind of robots according to your production needs.     

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offl line programming, Delfoi, Arc welding, spot welding,Robotic Welding Cell

Improve your welding performance with  fast and user-friendly offline programming software for all major robot brands. 

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Pick & Place

Robotic Packaging, Packaging, Delta Robot, Delta robot simulation, pick and place simulaiton

Secondary packaging application can easily simulate including with all features.

Opportunity to test your layout and system performance for different products 

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Final Assembly Line

Assembly line, Universal robot,

You can even simulate manual manufacturing lines . 

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Life Science

Life science simulation,laboratory simulation

How do you get the staff and equipment working together fluently in order to achieve the best possible results? 

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Manufacturing Simulation

industry 4.0, manufacturing simulation,3D simulation

 3D manufacturing simulation is a great tool for product and production teams to collaborate and plan. 

Flexibility matters !

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Simulation Application Videos

Machine Tending

Automate your CNC machine tending with different kind of robots.

Arc Welding

Automate your CNC machine tending with different kind of robots.

Delfoi ARC is more than a Robot Simulation, it is a parametric and feature-based Off-line Robot Programming  software that uses Visual component industrial automation simulation platform and  It can effectively exploit the features of the 3D CAD model to be ground and the internal  Welding Procedure Specification(WPS) database of the software. Programme generation is fast and faultless. Programming downtime usually shrinks to one-tenth of the downtime that would normally be needed when programming a robot on-line by teaching. 

Delfoi is an brand independent Off-line Robot Programming  software which supports all major robot brands such as KUKA, ABB, Yaskawa ,CLOOS, REIS, FANUC, KAWASAKI...

Cutting Milling and Machining


Cambridge Automation Simulation offers dedicated simulation services for cutting, milling,and machining applications with Delfoi CUT and Robocam softwares that support different robot postprocessors such as ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman, Reis Robotics, OTC Daihen and Panasonic

Delfoi CUT is software that has been designed for the off-line programming of robots . The programme uses the object’s 3D form curves to automatically generate tool paths, for example, along the contours of the product to be grinded. Programming is fast with no production down-time, and the quality is excellent from the very first product. Typical processes include water jet cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

Plasma Cutting

Real time example of off line programming  in plasma cutting application

Pick and Place

Delta robot simulation gives you an opportunity to delivering impressive proposal  to your customer including with real system data . 

Manufacturing line

One step closer to Just in time production


Industry 4.0 concept is targeting to make companies highly connected from bottom up. 3D Model of your manufacturing line provides you to real throughput data for different products .This flexibility is not only beneficial for manufacturing but also creates high collaboration with planning . 

Strong connection creates a distinctive competence to your company 

Final Assembly Line

Collaboration between robot and human in the same work cell . 

Life science

Designing ideal layout for laboratories is no more a problem .