3D Manufacturing Layout Design

Cambridge Automation  Simulation  offers impressive tools that will accelerate your industry 4.0  integration. We can create your manufacturing lines' digital replica. Manufacturing design services are not only beneficial for big factories but also small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Both have plenty to benefit  from this service :

Calculate Return of your inverstment (ROI)

3D Manufacturing layout design services create a huge benefit when calculating Return of Investments (ROI) and lean manufacturing . Building your desired manufacturing line digitally will let you identify your bottlenecks for instance you could check the utilisation ratio of the cnc machine for different part in different layout ,The  performance statistics generated by simulation will provide you a  valuable metrics while budgeting 

Non-stop Manufacturing

3D Manufacturing line will help you test different products' performance and provides a real output data. Therefore, you can arrange your working shifts concisely. 

Training Purpose

3D Manufacturing Design Services have also Virtual Reality feature, and this will help you train new workers without taking any risks.Thus, your company can avoid safety and  human caused downtime risks.  


3D Manufacturing Design Services create a common platform enabling efficient communication between manufacturing and design departments. Manufacturing departments can test the manufacturing results of new products and share the results with design team.  As a result, your company will never have any dead born products.